Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. Today is my 8-year wedding anniversary.

2. I'm planning on serving tacos for dinner because nothing says "I love you" like ground beef.

3. This commercial made me cry. I'm blaming it on Ben's 1st birthday.

4. I haven't been to the gym in almost a week. THERE IS NO TIME. Boo.

5. Stacey designed the cutest b-day invites for Ben's first birthday in like an hour. Need gorgeous, custom, evites? Head to the Paperless Pooch STAT.

What's your truth this Tuesday? Hopefully they're more exciting than mine. I'll be living vicariously through you in the comments.


Lydia Sharp said...


And holy crap, Ben is a year old already?!!

elizabethreinhardt said...

Happy anniversary! Love and ground beef really do go together, don't they?! Happy birthday to your little guy (and those cards are gorgeous!)! The gmail commercial made me bawl and we're nowhere near my kid's b-day!

Okay, in honor of sharing:
1) I ate an entire wedge of Brie cheese by myself in two days. I keep wanting to pretend my husband ate some, but that's a bald lie. It was all me.
2) I overloaded the dishwasher and the dishes came out crusty. This was three days ago. I keep picking through and taking out the clean stuff and just rewashing everything else.
3) I've become addicted to tracking my book sales on Kindle and B&N to the point where I'm lying TO MYSELF about how many times I've checked the sites.
4) I let my kid cheat horrendously at Candyland last night because the game moves SO MUCH FASTER when she cheats. Also, she was cheating on my behalf half the time. She's doesn't really get the concept of cheating.

Ahh! I feel like I went to confession! Many thanks!

Matthew MacNish said...

That commercial is brilliant. It made me cry when I first saw it too (admittedly - I was at the bar, drunk, and that always helps loosen the tears a little).

Happy Birthday, Benji!

Christa said...

First, Happy Anniversary. Second, my truth is that I think you are a little crazy for having a 1 year old birthday party. For the love of cheese, I hope it is just your family and some grown-up friends. Undoubtedly, Ben will nap through most of it. Ask your sister, she knows these things.
Cute invites though.

Tere Kirkland said...

Dude, everyone loves TACO NIGHT. Also, Happy Anniversary. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Happy anniversary! And that commercial always makes me cry. I blame it on being pregnant but I probably would cry even if I wasn't. I'm a sap.

Sara B. Larson said...

Happy Anniversay! We just celebrated 8 years last Friday. :D And how can Ben be 1 already?? That invite is SO cute!

Laura Marcella said...
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Laura Marcella said...

I'm making tacos for dinner tonight, too! My truth about that is I do not put the beef and toppings in nice dishes on the table like my mom does. The beef is served from the skillet. The toppings sit on the counter in their own bags and containers. Dig in! There are less dishes to wash with my method. ;)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Hope you enjoy your day!

Krispy said...


Also, there is no shame in crying at that commercial. I loved it when I saw it too. Google is freaking brilliant! My cousin is actually implementing this idea with his daughters.

And what's wrong with tacos? Yum. :)

Kelly Polark said...

That commercial made me teary!
(and I feel bad that none of my kids' photos are organized in any way!)

Happy Anniversary! Make sure you write Te Amo in cheddar cheese on your hubby's taco!

ali cross said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so much older than you, lol. This year will be my 20th!!

And happy birthday to Ben. That was a super sweet commercial ~ I never considered using the internet that way!

Katie Anderson said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Love the meat date :)

Loved seeing cute Ben's face again. It STILL reminds me of him happy in that stroller basket. ha!

And I just cried on Sophie too...

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