Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 2 of Editing Hell

[10/11/11 10:33:03 PM] Lisa Roecker: what's ben's last name again?
[10/11/11 10:34:02 PM] Laura Roecker: cabrera because he reminds me of that d-bag ryan carrera
[10/11/11 10:34:08 PM] Lisa Roecker: i feel like such a loser sometimes
[10/11/11 10:34:17 PM] Laura Roecker: you feel like a loser?
[10/11/11 10:34:18 PM] Laura Roecker: why?
[10/11/11 10:34:25 PM] Lisa Roecker: i just feel like we suck sometimes
[10/11/11 10:34:28 PM] Lisa Roecker: i don't know
[10/11/11 10:34:29 PM] Laura Roecker: yeah, me too
[10/11/11 10:34:34 PM] Laura Roecker: but who gives a shit
[10/11/11 10:34:36 PM] Lisa Roecker: meh
[10/11/11 10:34:37 PM] Laura Roecker: i mean, honestly
[10/11/11 10:35:30 PM] Laura Roecker: we are in the middle of the slow crowd of runners
[10/11/11 10:35:37 PM] Lisa Roecker: that is so so so sad
[10/11/11 10:35:44 PM] Lisa Roecker: we're like the people who walk the first lap of the mile
[10/11/11 10:35:47 PM] Laura Roecker: haha
[10/11/11 10:35:49 PM] Lisa Roecker: because they don't have a chance of finishing
[10/11/11 10:35:48 PM] Laura Roecker: we are
[10/11/11 10:35:52 PM] Lisa Roecker: walkers
[10/11/11 10:35:56 PM] Laura Stropki: we've stopped running
[10/11/11 10:35:57 PM] Lisa Roecker: just a couple of walkers
[10/11/11 10:36:05 PM] Lisa Roecker: let's be honest, we never even tried to run
[10/11/11 10:36:14 PM] Laura Roecker: stopping to bend over at our knees every few steps
[10/11/11 10:36:38 PM] Laura Roecker: whatever...slow and steady

So, we've officially hit the middle of the manuscript which explains why we're drowning in our own suck.

Good lord, THE SUCK.

Day 2 Edit Count:
Laura: 7,901 words
Lisa: 6,994 words


Miranda Hardy said...

You guys rock! I don't know how you do it. I'm bowing down to you. Keep it up girls.

Katie Anderson said...

I'm laughing. Y'all SO do not suck. sheesh.

Joy Preble said...

You guys make me laugh. Cause I relate. Too much. Sucky McSuck Suck -that's my middle name... except for the part where I finished edits and pressed send yesterday... *cue evil laughter*... until Leah sends round 2 and then I suck again.

Matthew MacNish said...

Walking is better than sitting. Or planking.

Christa said...

I just laughed so hard I choked. Thank God the two of you are doing this together. I want to write a book with you. I don't even bother with walking the first lap, I'm more on the sides bludgeoning my CPs to walk it for me:)

Jill Hathaway said...

You absolutely do NOT suck! Keep it up, ladies! I'll be there in revision hell with you in a week or so!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Hey, walking is progress. It's not a complete stop.

Bane of Anubis said...

I agree w/ Double M - don't plank. In the long run, walking's healthier for you (not as bad on the joints)... silver lining, right :)

Krispy said...

Walking is better than sitting! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

Jenna said...

Bleh, edits. But I find the more you think you suck, the less you actually do. So. Clearly you guys are actually quite awesome (but we already knew that, of course). :D

Sherrie Petersen said...

Ugh. I've spent the morning editing and only gotten to page 16. *sigh* But reading your last few posts was a lovely break. Now it's back to work :P

Shannon O'Donnell said...


Marsha Sigman said...

I just spit a little on my computer screen. Taking spewing laughter to a whole new level.

I not only walk that first lap, there is some serious whining involved. Maybe cursing. Sweating. Not pretty.

Kay said...

You do not suck - not even a little! If you feel like you are sucking, you can email me and I will send you reminders of how awesome you are. In the meantime, remember that throwing things across the room in frustration is best done with soft fluffy pillows (less destruction that way...)

And Joy, you don't suck either. I send publicist love for all 3 of you!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

We must all wallow in the suck sometimes. I repeat: We must all wallow in the suck.

Besides, everybody knows runners end up crapping their pants anyway. Nice and steady walk will keep you on the up and up and let you cross the finish line not reeking of feces.

Now go get em, tiger. Slowly.

Maggie Hall said...

I am late to comment on this--but this is HILARIOUS. I feel like this ALL THE TIME. And you don't suck. This book is going to be awesome.

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