Monday, October 17, 2011

Stages on Pages

Still in edit hell over here.

[10/14/11 9:54:58 PM] Lisa Roecker: i love this
[10/14/11 9:54:59 PM] Lisa Roecker: The next day between classes, Seth walked toward me a thick booklet of printed pages after twisting his head right and left, to be sure the coast was clear. Of course while he was looking in the opposite direction he ran right into a meaty looking football player who did that shoulder jerk fake-out thing meatheads are so fond of. Seth immediately tucked himself into the fetal position with the mysterious pages tucked beneath his chin. Jock Strap lifted his leg like he was either going to kick Seth while he was down or pee on him like a dog, but before he could make his move I slid between them.
“Anyone ever tell you you’re not supposed to hit girls?”
“He’s not a girl,” Jock Strap growled.
“Wow, athletic and quick on the uptake. You must be a real catch.” I gave him my sweetest smile.
“Yeah right.” Jock Strap laughed and then abruptly stopped laughing after he realized what he said. “I mean, the ladies love me and I’m smart and…God, Lowry, you’re such a bitch.” He turned and walked away.
“Great talking to you, Jacques….Strap.” I whispered the last word so only Seth could here it.
“His name is Jeremy, Kate.” Seth whispered hoarsely from his tiny man cocoon. He sat up and handed me the papers. “It’s all here.” His breath smelled faintly of sour cream and onion potato chips. It was 9:25 AM.

[10/14/11 9:55:07 PM] Lisa Roecker: that scene makes me laugh every time i read it
[10/14/11 9:55:19 PM] Lisa Roecker: a bright spot in an otherwise dismal manuscript
[10/14/11 9:55:23 PM] Lisa Roecker: we'll probably have to cut it
[10/14/11 9:56:06 PM] Laura Roecker: haha--i forgot about that!
[10/14/11 9:56:13 PM] Lisa Roecker: i'm so funny
[10/14/11 9:56:42 PM] Laura Roecker: i wrote it you loser
[10/14/11 9:56:48 PM] Lisa Roecker: Really?
[10/14/11 9:56:50 PM] Lisa Roecker: dammit
[10/14/11 9:56:52 PM] Lisa Roecker: that's funny
[10/14/11 9:56:54 PM] Laura Roecker: HA
[10/14/11 9:56:55 PM] Lisa Roecker: are you sure?
[10/14/11 9:56:57 PM] Laura Roecker: yes!
[10/14/11 9:57:06 PM] Laura Roecker: you added a ton of stuff though
[10/14/11 9:57:07 PM] Lisa Roecker: jacques strap?
[10/14/11 9:57:13 PM] Lisa Roecker: that sounds like something i added
[10/14/11 9:57:15 PM] Laura Roecker: it's MUCH funnier---yes, you added that
[10/14/11 9:57:17 PM] Lisa Roecker: see
[10/14/11 9:57:20 PM] Lisa Roecker: i'm hilarious
[10/14/11 9:57:29 PM] Laura Roecker: yeah yeah

Have you guys checked out the Stages on Pages Book Tour??? Holy Awesome. Some of our favorite authors are touring. If you're anywhere even remotely close to one of their stops, you absolutely must go check it out and report back to us!


Miranda Hardy said...

You both are so amazing. I love reading your posts and banter.

Christa said...

OMG, this keeps getting better and better. I NEVER want the two of you to stop editing.

Matthew MacNish said...

You're both hilarious.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I don't have to look at where the tour is going. It's a given it's nowhere near where I live. :(

Happy editing! (Hallmark should make a card for this)

Marsha Sigman said...

When my sister (the one closest to me in age)and I get together and tell stories, we always argue over who did what or what happened to whom.

She has long term memory loss. And short term.

ali cross said...

You are silly and funny and I love it! And what a creative approach for the Stages on Pages peeps!

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