Monday, February 23, 2009

Beta readers ROCK

Ok, it's confession time. I've always been slightly skeptical about the value of beta-readers.

I know, I's crazy right? I guess we've just had some bad experiences in the past with fellow writers that critiqued our work and didn't get our voice or barely bothered to comment at all. We had our trusted reader, who reads purely for pleasure and would tell us when things weren't making sense or if they got a little too confusing. Life was good.

But here's the thing. A good beta who really understands the craft of writing will make your book even better. We've been lucky enough to have a couple of amazing people read and critique FINDING GRACE and their comments have helped us improve our book and our writing tenfold.

Hallelujah, we have seen the light!

So, a huge thank you to the beta readers that read FINDING GRACE in all of its different incarnations. I'm dangerously close to weeping all over my blog, but you should know that your feedback helped us create something pretty special (yeah, I might be weepy, but I'm still not all that humble...). THANK YOU.


sraasch said...

Totally agree. Beta readers ROCK.

ElanaJ said...

You just gotta find the right people to read your stuff, cuz I agree. I've had my stuff read and been like, "That's it? Um...okay." Not helpful. I'm glad you found some people that can truly wear the badge of "BETA". :)

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