Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feel the burn...

It’s about time for another hump day poem. Just tell me when to stop.

An entire poem inspired by Speidi…
Spencer: I need this umbrella, my hair frizzes when wet.
Heidi: Are the photogs looking over, are they looking over yet?

Spencer: Go lower, squat lower, get that knee to the ground.
Heidi: Have they taken my picture? Are they still around?

Spencer: Next comes the medicine ball, I’ll throw it your way.
Heidi: I don’t see flashes and I don’t have all day.

Spencer: Here’s your water, re-hydrate, take a long sip.
Heidi: Should I pull my pants lower, should I maybe strip?

Spencer: Next comes the rubber black thing, you’ll really start to ache.
Heidi: Are the matching outfits too much? Have we made a mistake?

Spencer: Good work out, nice going, you’ve improved your hotness.
Heidi: They got one! I saw it! Us Weekly = Success!


Lisa and Laura said...

Hilarious. Your random poetry is the best part about Wednesday. We're such losers.

slhastings said...

No, you guys are kicking butt! I feel so stuck in the middle! Meh. The comments are trickling in- but they are all positive for the most part. (Same for you! Yay!)

Yep, I'm dying to know who the secret agent is...and what her thoughts are- especially if she has an issue my "ings." The rest of MS isn't as cluttered like that- but I wanted to create a flowing, almost breathless tension. We'll see.

Good luck! I think you guys are really onto something!

Lisa and Laura said...

Yeah, I have Laura to thank for our #2 status. She literally had her finger on the send key at 9 am on Monday morning. I bet you'll see a lot more comments as the contest progresses and people make their way through the whole batch.

Do we really have to wait until Monday to find out?

slhastings said...

Man, I hope not. But it will give me time to fix a few things I noticed! (Are we ever really finished editing?)

I wasn't planning on q'ing until next week anyway.

Anyway, if you need another Beta, I'd be willing to give yours a read next week - after Wednesday. I've finished my crits on two others and have the time. I mostly read for plot points, awkward sentences, retaining voice, ask questions if things don't make sense, etc.

slhastings said...

p.s. your poem made me laugh.

Lisa and Laura said...

Sam - We are SO taking you up on the beta offer. We're hacking at it right now, and have some other betas reading. We'd love to be able to give you our almost final and get your thoughts.

slhastings said...

Totally. When you're ready, just let me know! (Just don't count on me for commas!)

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