Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Query Evolution Continues...

Well, it's very exciting over here. We're getting final edits from a couple of beta's and we're inching closer to a final draft of our query for FINDING GRACE (aka GMAIL).

Just in case you're interested in the latest query (I'm sure you're all just on the edge of your seats) I'm posting it below. Feel free to comment. Ummm..actually I'm sort of begging you to comment. We've changed this thing so many times I have no idea if it even makes sense any more.

Sorry for the boring post, but I have absolutely nothing else to write about because I'm living, breathing, eating and sleeping (yeah, I even dream about the damn thing) the book at this point. As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm a really good time right about now. Divorce is imminent.


Kate Lowry didn't think dead best friends could send e-mails. Not even on the anniversary of their disappearance. Of course that’s before she got the e-mail from Grace.

I'm here…
sort of.
Find Christian.
He knows.
I shouldn't be writing.
Don't tell.
They'll hurt you.

Most girls would ignore the warning and go straight to the police.

But Kate isn’t most girls.

Instead, she decides to channel Nancy Drew, pearls and all. Of course, Kate’s pearls are faux, her skirts are way shorter and she’d take everyone's favorite teen detective in a girl fight, but you get the idea.

The e-mails continue and Kate’s quest to solve the mystery takes a dangerous turn when her confrontation with Christian, Grace’s addict brother, almost gets her killed. Good thing she finds a couple of knights-in-(not so)-shining armor in sexy bad boy, Liam, and her awkward neighbor, Seth. Armed with her newfound sidekicks, the investigation continues, uncovering a secret lurking in the halls of their elite private school that threatens to destroy them all.

Kate knew finding Grace wasn’t going to be easy, but figuring out who to trust is more difficult than she ever could have imagined.

After all, everyone’s a suspect.

We are sisters-turned-writing-partners. FINDING GRACE is a 53,000 word YA Mystery. Upon your request, we are prepared to submit the complete manuscript. We look forward to hearing from you.


sraasch said...

I love this for a synopsis, but it's way too long to be a query. A query should be no more than a paragraph summary of your story. The synopsis is where you can put quotes from your book and go into greater detail; in the query, try to pack the most punch in the shortest blurb.

Lisa and Laura said...

Really? We've always followed good old Nathan Bransford's rule of thumb that a query should be between 250 - 350 words (

We're at 248, so we figured we were golden. Well, golden as far as wordcount goes...everything else, who knows?

sraasch said...

I've always tried to go with "The shorter, the sweeter" rule of thumb for queries, as most agents seem to have really short attention spans. But different query formats work for different people/agents, so if it feels right to you, go for it. Every so often I'll read the queries that Query Shark critiques, and some long ones she'll like, some she'll hate, and some short ones she'll like, some she'll hate. Subjectivity, yet again.

Lisa and Laura said...

Ugh, decisions, decisions...we'll have to think about this one.

ElanaJ said...

Dude, it's not too long. In my totally (un)professional opinion. ;) Mine is 368 words with my intro, bio, etc. It fits on one page. I think you're golden.

Lisa and Laura said...

Elana - I love that you use dude in sentances frequently. I honestly think you can say anything to anyone and as long as you've got dude in front of it, people won't be offended.

Such as..."dude, your query is great, but the writing sucks..."


spinregina said...

I do like it. The only question mark in my head was inclusion of the email. But I do like it a lot.

Lisa and Laura said...

Thanks for the comment, K. The e-mail is a new addition to the query. We're planning on starting off the process very slowly by getting back to the agents and editors who requested that we send them future work, so we'll test it out on them and if our request rate is crappy, we'll rework it. Ugh, queries = ulcers.

Melissa said...

I LIKE IT!!!! want to read more!!!!! Just keep your head on your shoulder and dont lose you words...I think it is perfect!

Lisa and Laura said...

Thx Melissa! Hopefully agents will feel the same way.

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