Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Deep Celebrity Thoughts

Deep Celebrity Thoughts
Christian pulled an Alec and swore out the wazoo,
but not at his daughter at some dude on his crew.

It looks like something’s eating Marc Anthony’s head,
a man of his stature might consider other options instead.

(NOTE: Since writing the poem, Marc's turtleneck picture has mysteriously disappeared from Us' website. I think J. Lo had it pulled)

Is it just me or did Zac Efron line his eyes?
Don’t listen to Vanessa, it’s NOT cool for guys.

I wish Katie Holmes would stand up all the way,
Tom must have a slouch rule that she has to obey.

Another blow for Jessica, her movie went straight to DVD,
and we thought the weight gain was the worst it could be.

The hard-hitting recession's leaving many with the blues,
a perfect example is Liam Spelling in public sans shoes.

And let’s not forget Matthew, he can’t afford a full shirt,
and just look at his toes they are covered in dirt.

That’s it for now, Us’ website’s been slow,
let’s hope they beef it up for next Wednesday’s show.

1 comment:

slhastings said...

I like Christian Bale. Sadly, I find American Psycho entertaining. BUT don't be scared of me...


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