Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it sad...

that this makes me excited? Really excited?

Wait, let me answer that. Yes. Yes, it is.

We're closing in on the end of our first cut of Gmail. Just a few more chapters! Can you believe it? We have already outlined some places where we want to go back and add a bit more detail, but it's looking like we'll meet our deadline of completing draft 1 before Laura moves into her house.

Which also means that I'll be dragging the manuscript, sticky notes and a red pen with me to the Bahamas.

It's also possible that Ken might divorce me if I spend our romantic vacation in edit mode, but that's a chance I'm willing to take.


spinregina said...

I understand the sad, but for me, it morphed into excited. [if you could only see how many backspaces and fixes I am doing due to another night of red wine and red meat thankgodforyoga]. Take the 'script and edit away, he loves you and wants to see you happy. And happy = edits.

Lisa and Laura said...

Ahem, uh just to be clear, the thing I'm really excited about is the potential return of Lipstick Jungle. *ducks*

That being said, I totally agree with the happy = edits equation. I will be happy when we start to query this book. And that means lots and lots of editing!

slhastings said...

OOOH! Keep us posted! (I'm on vacation now, well, sort of. On my second round of "printed" edits and waiting for beta feedback).

Meh. The weather in Florida has been lousy.

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