Thursday, February 19, 2009

Introducing a new query and a new title...

Kate Lowry didn't think dead best friends could send emails. Not even on the anniversary of their disappearance. Of course that was before an e-mail from Grace with cryptic clues and a dire warning appeared in Kate's inbox. Most girls would ignore the warning and go straight to the police.

But Kate isn’t most girls.

Instead, she decides to channel Nancy Drew, pearls and all. Of course, Kate’s pearls are faux, her skirts are way shorter and she’d totally take everyone's favorite teen detective in a girl fight, but you get the idea.

The emails continue and Kate’s quest takes a dangerous turn, compelling sexy bad boy, Liam, and her awkward neighbor, Seth, to become her knights-in-(not so)-shining armor. Armed with her new found sidekicks, Kate launches an investigation involving Grace's addict brother, the school’s resident Queen Bee and even one of her tarnished knights. Kate knows finding Grace isn’t going to be easy, but figuring out who she should trust is more difficult than she ever could have imagined.

After all, everyone’s a suspect.

We are sisters turned writing partners and FINDING GRACE is a YA Paranormal Mystery, complete at 55,000 words.

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