Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The best thing about being a writer...

is that you get to have conversations like this:

Laura (a little bit breathless): I have an idea for the book.
Lisa: Ooh, tell me more.
Laura: Two words for you - ski trip.
Lisa: Love it!
Laura: I mean who doesn't want to go on a ski trip? Everyone can wear cozy sweaters and cute boots.
Lisa: Yeah, and stuff can happen. Lots and lots of stuff.
Laura (sighing happily): Totally.

Yup, this is all just part of our process. Good times.


slhastings said...

Ooh! I can just see it now!

ElanaJ said...

Man, you guys are really making me wish I had a sister to write with. I mean, I have a sister, but not a writing sister. :)

Amy said...

ha, even more reason to be a writer:)

Lisa and Laura said...

Having a sister to write with IS fabulous. No question. I mean who else would take the time to listen to me babble about random ideas for 2 hours every day?

Thanks for stopping by, Amy!!

PurpleClover said...

gotta love it right?

its nice to have a writing sis!

Lisa and Laura said...

Can't wait to see a book by J-Clo someday. And look, you guys already have the perfect pen name!

And just so you know, we'll be using your nickname for us as the pen name for when we submit to publishers. Nice work!

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