Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monkey Work

Laura and I spent the night outlining the next book in our FINDING GRACE/GMAIL/WE REALLY NEED TO THINK OF A DECENT TITLE AND SOON series. I'll admit that I was concerned that we would struggle to come up with a mystery half as good as the first book and I think we nailed it. Honestly, I think this mystery might be even better. We're so excited to start writing again!

Anyways, after we were done with our rough outline of the plot I told Laura that I had to update a project plan in Excel for my "real job." And Laura had the nerve to call my real job, "monkey work." I laughed so hard that I almost started crying. It was just too perfect and, at the same time, incredibly depressing. Or maybe this is all just a sign that I need to get more sleep.

Either way, off to do my monkey work.

How scary is that monkey in the picture? Yikes.


ElanaJ said...

Yeah, that monkey is freaking me out. But congrats on outlining the next book! That is always a daunting task...one I've never actually done...ahem. Good job!

sraasch said...

Wow, that picture is creepy!

slhastings said...

I'm going to have nightmares.

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