Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Ramblings...

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Not much new on our end. We're waiting to hear back from Catherine on revisions and we had a minor break-through on Book 3 over the weekend thanks to a story from our youngest sister, Stacey and her hubs. Good times!

In other news, we're beyond excited because after we accepted Catherine's offer of representation she oh-so-casually mentioned that she'll be in NYC for 10 days at the end of March and that we could use her for an excuse to visit the Big Apple. Well, she didn't have to ask us twice...we've got our flights booked and loyal blog follower, Sarah, will be putting us up in her fab NYC apartment for a night, so we'll actually get to meet our very own dream agent in person. Talk about surreal! We're very excited and already discussing what to wear. We've decided against dressing in identical outfits. I mean, that would be overkill, right?

(And yes, new blog readers, I'm totally kidding about the matching outfit thing, although how funny would that be? Can you imagine the look on Catherine's face? We could also make every effort to talk in unison to really complete the effect. Hi-larious.)

In other news, set your TiVo's because Gossip Girl is back! And you know what that means....the weekly Chuck Bass post will be back in rotation. I'm sure you missed hearing from our favorite Upper East Side man-whore, so get excited mother Chuckers.

And finally to complete the sheer and utter randomness of this post, please visit Tamra's blog for a fabulous commentary on last week's Real Housewives of NYC. For those of you who don't obsessively TiVo all things Bravo, Tamra is one of the OC housewives and she's a catty, catty bitch, but she's also very funny. Her commentary on Alex and Simon is priceless. I couldn't say it better myself.

Happy Monday!


sraasch said...

Oh, have fun in NYC! Pictures, pictures!

ElanaJ said...

Wow, book 3? I'm always impressed with anyone who can look past the page they're currently writing. No, really.

Congrats on the offer! I hope revisions go well. And yeah, we'll definitely need to see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM DO proud i will be able to go to the book store and se a book and be able to say THAT THE BOOK MY COUSINS WROTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slhastings said...


I'm going to be in NYC to visit my sister for her birthday, which is March 29th! Funny, she asked my parents for me on her b-day. What a present! If you're there at the same time, we should all meet up for a cocktail.

I'll be there the 27th to the 30th...

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