Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say What?

In their words...okay, my words (and rhyming at that), but you get the idea. Could I get sued for this?

Open up love, and taste this yummy treat
Feed me Heidi, feed me something sweet

Ed, the dog needs a walk, hurry, lets go
Let me just tuck my jeans into these boots, yo!

What? Ankle socks plus gladiator-inspired heels aren’t cool?
And does anyone have a burger? I am one hungry-looking fool.

I hear ya on the burger Gwynn, this Capri Sun’s a little weak
But I guess on my new diet it’s against the rules to eat

My vintage civil-war-era-inspired jacket is fab don’t you think?
Ah, who am I kidding, I look ridiculous, where’s my drink?

Top of the mornin’, it’s a shame my belt has disappeared.
Do these handy-dandy suspenders make me look weird?

Lower, Liam, lower! Burn off that morning snack!
It’s time for us to get our bodies back.


Lisa and Laura said...

If you get sued, you're totally on your own. I'll tell them this was all your idea and I'll be sure to mention all those DVDs that you copied.

PurpleClover said...

LOL. You are so silly!

But I gotta get my celebrity fix!

sraasch said...


Love the last pic. Sad, yet hysterical.

Katie said...

Aahhh The fugsters are here!

Katie said...

Dangit! I just got on here and realized either you've posted new posts every friggin day, or I have not read you all week! Where have I been? AArrrgghh....

I miss my LILA!

Anonymous said...

Cracking up . . .

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