Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vacation stats...

Lisa here, back from the Bahamas, physically if not mentally. Turns out a break from the brutal Cleveland winter, the kids, and work was exactly what I needed. I can't say that I was happy to return home to the snow and 151 e-mails in my work inbox, but I was really excited to see the kiddies.

Anyways, here are some random stats to give you a feel for how the big vacay went...

  • Number of bottles of vodka purchased for the trip: 2
  • Number of bottles of vodka consumed: 1 (not bad for 4 oldish people, right?)
  • Number of fun dresses packed for the trip: 7
  • Number of different pairs of shoes packed to compliment said dresses: 6
  • Number of dresses actually worn: 3 (ok, in my defense, it's hard to know exactly what you'll be in the mood to wear on any given night, ok?)
  • Pounds I wish I had lost before the trip: 7
  • Days spent laying in the sun: 3.5 (one day was only sort of sunny)
  • Number of times we went for a dip in the ocean: 0 (I don't do sand, don't judge.)
  • Number of times we went down a water slide that shoots you through a shark tank: 1
  • Number of videos of my husband and best friend dancing to a Carribbean band made up of the buffet waitstaff: 1 (If they wouldn't permanently disown me, I would totally post it for your viewing pleasure. Trust me when I say it's priceless.)
  • Number of nights I rationalized the amount of cleavage exposed by the fact that we were on vacation: 4
  • Number of people bribed to get us through the Bahamas airport in an efficient manner: 4
  • Number of bags lost on the way back from the Bahamas: 3
  • Number of days it will take me to get back into the daily grind: TBD

My mind is still a little mushy from all the time spent away from the computer, but I managed to read 4 books while I was away, so I'll be posting reviews the rest of the week. Looks like Laura did a good job of holding down the fort while I was gone, but I'm glad to be back. Turns out it's really hard to obsessively check your e-mail and blog when you're in the Bahamas. Who knew?


sraasch said...

Ahhh vacation...I so need one.

slhastings said...

I need a vacation too! All we've been doing is going to Florida to take care of the father in law – not exactly fun. I'm so burnt out! I need fun. I remember that shark slide thing. I hated it. When I was ejected from the slide, water flew up my nose...and it killed. (Yep. That's why once is definitely enough).

Beach. Beach. Beach. Oh well, it's 50 in Chicago today.

Jill Wheeler said...


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