Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Okay, so it’s nap time for all three kids. Stacey’s making brownies for snacks when they wake up and I figured I’d write my long-overdue poem. Definitely slow on Us’ website, but I did find this gem…

Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

Spencer: Your long, curly hair’s almost as hot as this car.
Heidi: Thanks Spence, but your sandy waves are cooler by far.

Spencer: What about my leather? Is it bad ass enough?
Heidi: Oh yes, Spencey-pie, you look super-tough.

Spencer: Check it out, H, I’m bringing the peace-sign back.
Heidi: Great thinking S, that’s totally, uh, whack??

Spencer: I love my new car, I bet it goes super-fast.
Heidi: It can’t be much better than lying on the hood, what a blast!

Spencer: The dice on the mirror is a great touch.
Heidi: I thought of it myself, it’s totally, uh clutch??

Spencer: I love the new words, girl, you sound really fly.
Heidi: Thanks bunches Spencey poo-poo, you know how I try.

Lisa's coming home tonight, so rest-assured, the posts will resume. I've been a sorry, sorry replacement. SORRY! In my defense, my new house doesn't have internet yet and I've been watching Lisa's kids. Yeah, I know, there's no excuse.


slhastings said...

These make me laugh! You done good!

Lisa and Laura said...

They make me laugh too...I thought it was just me :)

ElanaJ said...

Hardy har! You get the, uh, clutch? award for today! hee hee!

sraasch said...

Lol! Too creative!

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