Monday, January 5, 2009

The Blah Blog

It's sort of a downer day over here in Lisa-Laura land, or maybe just Lisa-land...Today was my first day back at work and my heart just isn't in it. It's totally one of those situations where I need to be diving in and starting new projects and following up on all the crap I left hanging before my holiday vacay, but I just have this overwhelming sense of inertia.

Just to give you an indication of how "blah" I'm feeling, we got a request for the North Shore today (from a query we sent back in September - sort of shocking how slow this business moves, isn't it?) and I can't even work up the enthusiasm to pull the info together and send it out. Usually I send stuff out within minutes of receiving a response, but today I'm just sort of meh about the whole thing. And I really shouldn't be because it's kind of a biggie agent. Stupid. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be back to normal and Laura and I will be all over sending the requested materials out, but right now I'm just...not.

We're also doing some major redecorating at case-de-Lisa and I have a bathroom that needs to be stripped of the remaining wall paper so the painter can start painting tomorrow. Has anyone taken down wall paper before? It's a major pain in the ass. I think I'd rather get a cavity filled than finish taking down the rest of that cheap-ass wall paper. Question for people who used to own this house: Did you use super glue to slap up this god-awful wall paper or what? And if so, did you really think that you'd love yellow and purple flowers forever? Ugh.

Thankfully there are two bright spots in my day...

1. G-Mail. Oh you guys, it's really coming together. Laura and I have really found our voice now that we're writing in the first person and I totally have a girl-crush on our main character. I can't wait until this one is ready for betas. Speaking of which...we'll probably have the first 10 chapters ready this week. Anyone interested in taking a peek?

2. Gossip Girl. It's back! Oh Chuck, how I've missed you over these long weeks of holiday mayhem. I know you're having a tough time dealing with the death of your dad, just don't do anything crazy and throw yourself off any buildings, kay? I don't want to sound needy here, but you are the light of my life, so chin up already.

Ok, I'm off to go strip wallpaper and mope some more. Blah.


Tara said...

1st - Had no idea you were redecorating - how fun! Stripping wallpaper brings back bad memories from Dave and I's house on Ridge Road - good luck! Doing anything else besides the downstairs bathroom?

2nd - You know I'd love to take a peak at G-Mail. CONGRATS Lisa and laura - 10 chapters is outstanding!! (And I still haven't read the lastest version of North Shore. Now that the holidays are over hopefully I'll find some more me-time and can start reading! I really want to see the changes you made.)

3rd - I finally set the Tivo for Gossip Girl tonight. I know I'm getting into this way late in the game but better late then never, right?

lisa and laura said...

Whoo hoo! I can't believe you're finally tuning into GG. Call me after you watch and I'll give you the backstory on everyone. Not that you'll need it...pretty self-explanatory.

As for the decorating, really we're just doing a lot of painting and we rearranged the furniture in the family room and got some new chairs. I can't wait for you see.

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