Monday, January 12, 2009

Random thoughts on a Sunday (Golden Globes edition)

  • Renee Zelwegger looks like 10 miles of bad road, what was with that hair? She looked like a washed up country music star.

  • I didn’t love Tina Fey’s dress (reminds me of an awful dress I wore to homecoming in high school) and her hair was awful. Did she use a curling iron on her bangs or what? But she is so awesome none of that mattered. From collecting Hollywood Foreign Film Press action figures to telling random cyber-haters to “suck it” it’s impossible not to love her.

  • Salma Hayek looked amazing
  • Sacha Baron Cohen your Guy Ritchie as Madonna’s fired assistant joke went over like a lead balloon. Isn’t everyone kind of over that whole divorce anyways? Thanks for playing, Sacha.

  • One word for you Angelina: lipstick.
  • Is it me or is it impossible to not think of Andy Samberg’s Mark Wahlberg impression whenever you see Mark Wahlberg? It’s the Fey/Palin phenomenon. And for the record, I’m not thrilled that Marky Mark is playing the Dad in The Lovely Bones movie. It was supposed to be Ryan Gosling and I think that he would have been much better in the role, but maybe I’ll be surprised. We’ll see.

  • LOVE Kate Winslet. Gorgeous. Thin, but not emaciated. And she forgot Angelina was nominated and Angie looked pissed. Hilarious. And how cute is she with Sam Mendes? Did you see him get all teary eyed when she won. Adorbs.
  • Hated Blake Lively’s dress.
  • Hoorah for the Mad Men win. It’s always so weird seeing the cast in their real clothes. That show is so well done that I forget that they aren’t really living in the 50’s.

  • Yay for Slumdog Millionaire. It was like the little movie that could. Also, I’m totally buying that soundtrack. I love Indian music, it reminds me of the synchronized dances they always do in Bollywood movies and I love that dancing.

Random thoughts not related to the Golden Globes:

  • I’ve already broken almost all of my New Years Resolutions. In fact I’m breaking one right now…it’s 1 am and I am not even close to my bed. Oops.
  • The Shopaholic movie looks good. I love those books and Isla Fisher actually looks like she’s going to be a kick ass Rebecca Bloomwood. Can’t wait to see that one.
  • If you don’t cry while watching Marley and Me you have no heart. Seriously. Even though I knew what was coming I still cried like a baby – it was actually a little embarrassing. We went to dinner after seeing the movie and it looked like we had come from a funeral. Great movie though. I can’t decide if it makes me want to buy a dog tomorrow or never ever buy a dog under any circumstances.

  • Lots of progress on Gmail this weekend. Just finished outlining the Second Act and things are really coming together. This book is so fun to write. I forgot how much I love writing with Laura too. We alternate chapters, so I write one chapter and then send it to her. She edits and then writes the next chapter, and we sort of keep flipping back and forth like that. I love it when I get one of Laura's chapters because it's like reading a whole new story. We have an outline, but typically when we write a chapter it takes on a life of it's own, so it's like reading a fresh story every time. And we're always trying to outdo each other. Yeah, we're nerdy like that.

    Happy Monday! I’m off to bed.


Jill Wheeler said...

Aw, Kate looks awesome!

And "ten miles of bad road?" Mwahaahahah!

lisa and laura said...

I'm a horrible catty person - don't judge.

Did you see the Fug girls live blog of the Golden Globes? At least I know I'll have good company down in hades.

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