Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Silly Celebrities...

Buying a house has had me pretty busy these days, but I'm back in a big way. Just kidding. Lisa's post yesterday put me under some serious pressure. I hope I won't disappoint. Here's a little something I wrote after being inspired by Us Magazine's website. Enjoy.

Silly Celebrities

Congrats to Jess for the extra l.b.s,
But lose the double belt and mom jeans please.

Brad, it’s hard to believe you’ve stooped this low,
Your kid’s really cute but the matching caps blow.

Oh! Alba stop crying, we know Bill’s a prick,
When you use words like “salient” it proves you're smart as a whip.

When I looked at this picture I almost forgot,
Your cuffed rolled up jean look, well okay, maybe not.

As fun as the pictures on Us’ website are,
the comments from real people trump them by far.

Anonymous said, “Jessica’s meant to be fat,”
“leave my chunk chunk alone” and left it at that.

That’s all she wrote, but the cameras are flashing,
I’ll be back next week for more celebrity trashing.


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest thing I've ever read. You're way funnier than Lisa.

casiecook said...

Ingenious! Miss you Laur! Talk to you soon so I can hear details on the house situation. When are you moving in?

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