Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing to Chucking blog about...

1. Gossip Girl and 90210 are repeats this week. I think the CW needs to start some type of fund where we can all contribute to avoid having to watch Gossip Girl repeats. I'd gladly chip in $5 to further that cause. I mean, how am I supposed to think of something interesting to post on the blog without the benefit of some Chuck Bass quotes?

2. I've been working on setting my career goals for the next year and I've been provided with options that meet, exceed or consistently exceed expectations. I'm tempted to ask for the goals for employees seeking to do the bare minimum to avoid being terminated.

3. Gmail is flowing beautifully. Our editing hiatus is over (thank God, I really hate editing) and we're back to writing. I keep reading and re-reading what we wrote wondering what everyone is going to think of this book. We love the characters and the story so much that it's hard to imagine anyone NOT liking them. If only we were half as good as we think we are, we'd have a six-figure deal by now.

4. Have I mentioned the Fug Girls are WAY funnier than I am? Their take on Angelina amuses me.

5. Big day tomorrow. My better half is blogging! We are launching a very exciting weekly blog feature that Laura is going to write every Wednesday. Check back tomorrow to finally hear from the blond half of the L&L team. If you like random beat poetry (and really, who doesn't like random beat poetry??), you won't be disappointed. Trust me.

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Suzette Saxton said...

Ahhhhh... I love reading your blog. It's fun!

My sister and I haven't written together yet, but have a plan in the works for someday. We live several hours apart but are on the phone all the time. Honestly, I think I may have quit if it wasn't for her support.

If you like the Query Tracker blog, you will also love the QT forum. http://querytracker.net/forum I've met a really fun bunch of writers there - including the wonderful gals who do the blog with me.

Congratulations on placing in the twitter query contest on The Swivet! Yours caught my eye, so I wasn't a bit surprised when you won.

See you on the boards. :)


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