Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When dreams come true...

Like most Americans I've been completely focused on the inauguration today. We're literally watching history unfold. I'm not a good enough writer to truly capture the importance and exhilaration of this single moment in time, but while I was watching the coverage I heard a woman and fellow mother express it perfectly.

She had her kids with her and they were all bundled up in their coats. As soon as I saw her I started to tear up. What an amazing mother, wanting her kids to experience a piece of history live.

When interviewed and asked why she had brought them here she told the reporter:

"The day after Obama won the election, I woke up and told my children 'While you were asleep, Martin Luther King Jr's dream came true.'"

Isn't that beautiful? History according to a mother.


Jill Wheeler said...

Oh, that quote is so perfect.

I teared up myself, imagining having a baby in a country with such an inspiring president.

casiecook said...

That just gave me the chills.

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