Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chucking Jack Bass...

Guess I should start out explaining the picture...
Every week I search Google images and try to find a good Chuck Bass picture for this here blog. Now, jury is still out on whether this is illegal or if it's fair use, but I'm hoping that since our readership is limited to approximately 10 people (9 of whom happen to be related to us), this won't be an issue. Anyways, every week when I search, I find this guy.

His name is Chuck and he caught a bass. Love it.

Good showing from GG this week, although I will say, my award for best trainwreck of the week has to go to Gretchen on Real Housewives of Orange County. Ken and I were blown away by her tequila induced sluttiness. Good times.
And seriously, how much do you hate Jack Bass? He's so evil. So conniving. So fantastic. As Laura pointed out during our viewing this week, GG really was in need of a good villain.

Anyways, the Chuck Bass quote of the week is (drumroll please)....

Chuck predicting what the letter from his dad will say:
"I think I can guess. You're a disappointment of a son. I'd die of embarrassment if I wasn't dead already. Why do you wear so much purple?"

I mean he does wear a lot of purple. Hilarious.

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