Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What the Chuck Happened on New Years!?

Oh Blair, why do you do this to me? Just when you were thisclose to finally getting together with my beloved Chuck you go and do something naughty with the slimy Jack Bass on New Years. You slut!

Anyways, Chuck didn't really have a whole lot to say this episode, but a couple of my fave lines happened when Dan and Chuck were discussing the Lily/Rufus love-child.

Dan (all mopey as usual): Gawd Chuck, just tell me why my dad was like searching orphanages in Boston. My burning desire to know rivals only my burning desire for Serena.

Chuck: "Orphanages? How Dickensian." Dude, your dad has a love child with Lilly. You've got an older bro. Break out the cigars!

Dan: My delicate emotional sensibilities can't take this. I feel as though I might weep like a little girl. I'm just so...so...sensitive.

Chuck: Ouch, guess this is going to hurt your chances with Serena. "Sharing a sibling is a bit much, even for me."

I took some liberties with the dialogue, so please note only the stuff in quotes was actually written by someone who gets a paycheck for their work. Although, I'm sort of partial to my version.



Kristen, spinning said...

This is funny. I stumled across your blog last night and was going to come back this morning to re-read your GG post. LOVE that show. And somehow my PVR either didn't record it or there was no show??? Anyways, great blog, I look forward to looking through it some more.

P.S. I am not a loser who wears pantyhose on a regular basis but it is minus 25 here so it's a bit of a necessity at times....

Lisa said...

Ha! Would it make you feel any better if I told you that in spite of my avoidance of panty hose, I have been known to wear the Spanx tights from time to time? Those things are seriously a god send.

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