Saturday, January 24, 2009

Did you miss me?

I mean, it's not really Friday unless you've read some totally random post by yours truly, right?

Sadly, I'm a total idiot and broke my work laptop on Thursday night. Crunched the screen with my Blackberry - oops. So, I actually had to venture into the office. At this point, I think I can actually hear the collective gasps of everyone who knows me because you all know that I NEVER go into the office. I avoid the office like the plague. In fact, I think the last time I was there was back in June. It's actually a little embarrassing - especially since I had to show up with a crunched laptop screen, begging for a loaner until they could repair it. The fact that everyone was so nice about it and went out of their way to help me out only made me feel more guilty.

Anyways, thank God for Tara who lives relatively close to my office and agreed to take the kids for an hour while I fetched the loaner. So we ended up spending the whole day with team McKendry and we all had dinner together last night. All in all a great Friday.

Last night I finally sent Laura an updated version of the first chapter. We'll see what she thinks...we're struggling to balance our voice with all of the suspense in the book, and I think we've finally found a happy medium. TBD.

FNL made me cry AGAIN last night. Coach Taylor helping Smash - there's just something so inspiring about that relationship. And Tim dropping his pants in the kitchen was so classic and SO hot. Last weekend we had a big family dinner with my parents, my in-laws and the sisters and kiddies. FNL came up and everyone was talking about how much they loved the show and Laura out of nowhere goes, "Tim Riggins is so effing hot" and the conversation just screeched to a halt. Hilariously inappropriate and obviously true.


Jill Wheeler said...

Aaah, I had to stop before the FNL part. I'm behind on that show, too. I like to wait until they're on DVD.

Is it hard to write collaboratively? I think I'd always have one idea and then be mad if the other person wanted to do something different.

lisa and laura said...

Jill - Aren't you just loving FNL? It's great that you get to catch up on DVD so you don't have to wait forever between episodes and seasons. That's definitely the way to go.

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