Thursday, September 11, 2008

The whole point of this blog is to document our writing process and really I'm just using it as a huge excuse to procrastinate.

Anyways, thought we were overdue for a little book update. The amazing news of the day is that we've finished our first draft!!! We're adding some final touches to the last few chapters right now and then we're both going to dig in and do some MAJOR editing over the weekend, but if all goes as planned we'll be sending the book out to our beta readers early next week.

Once we've got the feedback we need, we'll finally start submitting queries, and we're hoping to start sending those out early October. Sending that first query is going to be completely terrifying, but I think that we're sort of prepared. We've done a ton of research on agents and the process of aquiring an agent, so let's hope that helps.

Our fabulous new website is going to be unveiled soon. Our genius, amateur web-designer, sister has something in the works and we'll definitely post the link here as soon as it's complete. I'm sure our dedicated readers will be waiting on pins and needles (and yes, that means you Mom and Tara).


Tara said...

CONGRATS on finishing the first draft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for the two of you.

Lisa and Laura said...

Tara - Quit reading the blog and get to Vegas already!! Can't wait to hear everything. You guys are going to have such a great time and totally deserve the break.

Send me a text when you guys hit the big jackpot.

Lisa and Laura said...

Thanks Tara! Have an amazing time in Vegas :)

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