Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brace yourselves...

I added up how long Lisa and I spent talking for the month of September and it is a whopping 2,061 minutes--over 34 hours. I'm not even sure if I feel comfortable posting that. Here is a little taste as to how the majority of those conversations went...

Lisa: Do you think we are gonna get published?
Laura: Yeah, I really think we wrote a good book.
Lisa: Really?
Laura: Yeah, I really do.
Lisa: I'm gonna look up how quickly the agents respond again.
Laura waits on the line while Lisa researches.
Laura: Tell me what you're finding.

And the riveting conversation continues.

1 comment:

Lisa and Laura said...

34 hours is unbelievable!! I love it. I seriously think about 30 hours of it was spent discussing how cool it's going to be when our book is published or how rich we're going to be because it's obviously destined to be a bestseller. Hilarious.

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