Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No news is good news?--We think alike Lisa.

So we haven't heard anything since early yesterday, which is better than getting rejected. Considering there is no news to pass along to our devoted readers, I have nothing left to do but upload a video clip of Lydia. She is a pretty mellow baby, so making her laugh is extra hard. She felt like laughing a little this morning when I was tickling her.



Sarah said...

Well that's just adorable. I feel like I'm right there with you and Lydia. At first I was going to warn you that posting a video of you abusing your child is not a good idea. Social Services would be all over that. But then I realized this is how you play with a baby. Laura, I'm learning and I appreciate your patience.

casiecook said...

Who's excited that I figured out how to be an "official" blogger!!!! I'm usually challenged at these types of things, so just pretend you're proud. Lydia is getting so big, and I would save her laugh as my ringtone if I could (okay maybe not...that could be a little Hand That Rocks the Cradle). She is so darn cute though! I have to agree with Sarah that you'll be receiving hate mail if you don't provide entertainment and piece of mind during my day of chaos and hell. I'm not sure if www.lisa-laura.com is an approved website at State Bridge Crossing Elementary, but the relief is saving children's lives and my job. When I hear "Ms. Cook, what page are we on?" for the 34th time of the hour, I just watch a clip of Mia picking her nose while Jack pushes her off the couch and the world is back to where it should be.

Lisa and Laura said...

It's nice to hear that you guys think we're entertaining (especially when our inbox is still freaking empty). Now if you'd only pool your money and start a publishing house, we'd be in business!