Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Praise for The North Shore: First Impressions...

Well, we've sent our completed manuscript out to some serious critics and the rave reviews are rolling in.

"...enjoyed the novel immensely." --Dianne (Lisa's best friend's mom)

"...really entertaining...MUCH more interesting than Freakonomics." --Joni (our mother)

"...LOVE IT!" --Tara (Lisa's best friend)

"Smart, witty, and hilarious! The characters are real, believable, and so interesting..." --Casie (Laura's best friend)

"..had a few out loud laughs that caught me off guard" --Erik (our sister's husband)

"I'm going to throw your computer out the window, you're on it ALL the time." --Ken (Lisa's Husband)

"You'd better not get your hopes up too high.." John (Laura's husband)

"Is mommy on her 'puter again daddy?" Jack (Lisa's 3-year-old son)

"WAHHHHHH!" Lydia (Laura's 5-month-old daughter)


Lisa and Laura said...

We are hilarious.

Sarah said...

Another review (pasted directly from an email on 9/26/08)…
"I'm the slowest reader ever, but I'm almost finished and I love the book!" - Sarah (Laura's awesome and hilarious college friend)

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