Monday, September 29, 2008

A very special post..

In honor of our very first official blog follower, Sarah! You are hilarious and we are looking forward to the many entertaining comments you will be posting in the future. And I'd also like to add that your blog picture is far more flattering than ours. Well done! Also as a prize for being our first blog follower you will receive a complimentary advance copy of The North Shore: First Impressions, if and when it is published.

We have some other honorable mentions as blog followers, including Tara and Casie, but they haven't taken that final leap and signed up to be an official follower yet. Perhaps this post will put them over the edge...

So, a big shout out to all 3 of you reading this blog. When our book is published we'll definitely be thanking you in our acknowledgements page.

Another request for the first 3 chapters today! Whoo hooo!!


Tara said...

I'm a follower:) Had no idea that was an option. But I'm "all in" now!

Sarah said...

That's awesome, congratulations! Reading blogs, while eating lunch and during "breaks" from the rigamoro, is a hobby of mine. And by “hobby” I actually mean “obsession.” I also tend to get emotionally attached and angry when blogs are not consistently updated. Don’t be surprised if you start receiving nasty e-mails and voicemails from me if you’re absent for more than a week. Feel free to provide some kind of warning, such as… “We’re taking a family vacation together and our hotel does not have wireless.” Or…“Our 30 city book tour starts tomorrow and we’re going to be super busy!”

casiecook said...

Wait! I want to be an official blogger!!! How do you do this??