Monday, September 15, 2008

I can't believe I'm still watching this stupid show...

But I am.

Thoughts on tonight's episode of the Hills:

  • Heidi and Spencer need to invest in some acting lessons for her sister if they are going to continue to allow her to appear on their "reality show." It causes me physical pain to literally watch her read off of cue cards on the show. You're making like $75,000 an episode the least you can do is send the poor girl to drama school.

  • Justin Bobby is BACK! For a while I was worried that America's Sweetheart, Justin Bobby, had inadvertantly cut off his balls when he cut his trademark dirty long hair. I mean last season he was riding off on his motorcycle with other girls while Audrina ate his dust and now he's agreeing to attend white tie affairs with her? Ugh. I hate the kinder, gentler Justin Bobby. Fortunately, he didn't show up. Does this mean that the real Justin Bobby is back? I'm totally crossing my fingers.

  • OOh, Heidi is wearing a Slade-style beret. Can someone please let them know that berets are only appropriate if you're a French mime?

  • And they are totally setting up a tear-jerker LC/Heidi reunion for the season finale. It must be in their contract or something. The writers for this show are brilliant. For the record, if Heidi's sister brings Lauren and Heidi back together and somehow rids the planet of Spencer Pratt I'd forgive her for just about anything...even her terrible cue card reading.

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