Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rachel Zoe...I die...

So, I'm totally catching up on tivo'd tv tonight, and one little gem that I've taken in is the Rachel Zoe Project.

The verdict? Shockingly entertaining. I think Rachel Zoe is one of the least likeable people on the planet. She just seems so mean and I've heard all those awful rumors about her feeding her starlette clients drugs so they can stay skinny and look good in all of the samples she pulls for them. ALLEGEDLY. [I can't get sued if I say allegedly, right? I guess I really shouldn't even worry about such things considering that there are approximately 2 people reading this blog, oh well].

Moving on, can you ever bring yourself to turn off a show where someone actually collects Birkin bags? And every time she sees a dress she loves, she squeals, "I die" or if it's really fabulous, "I D.I.E." I'm totally working that into my vocabulary.

You can tell that she's just not a nice person though. I mean, she even looks a little evil, right? Still for some reason she's also compulsively watchable. And you KNOW I'll be tuning in.
Seriously, it's like the people at Bravo are creating shows exclusively for me.

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