Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm a changed woman...

A month and a half ago, I spent an embarrassing amount of time perusing the April 2008 Birth Board on At first, I merely browsed, clicking on posts I found interesting. But before long, I felt inclined to post answers to questions such as "Do you like your humidifier?" and found myself desperately trying to create and upload pictures to a photobucket account so I could participate in "Picture Uno" along with all the other moms. All of the sudden, I began using abbreviations such as DH (dear husband) and LO (little one) and at my lowest, created new threads entitled "LO Struggling to Nap, Help!" or "I think LO is constipated."

I am proud to say that my addiction to Babycenter is safely behind me (and no it has nothing to do with the fact that they changed the format of the birth boards and I can't figure out how to post anymore). I owe my recovery to my DS (dear sister) who yanked my ass out of my mommy community and into the world of blogging. Now I spend a pathetic amount of my day thinking of ways to be funny.


Lisa and Laura said...

You're hilarious my DS. Thank god we're totally over BBC.

Unfortunately, the only thing more pathetic than posting on BBC is commenting on your own blog. This is a whole new low.


Tara said...

Love you guys! All I can say is thank you writing this blog and for being my funniest friends. Or should I say, my only friends.

Bye for now....Vegas bound tomorrow!! I've been so excited for this trip and now that it is finally here I'm a little nervous I'm going to be homesick for the girls. Chat with you next week.


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