Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teddy and Moonglow

Tonight I got to thinking what exactly inspired Lisa and I to write this book. I could list a bunch of things--celebrities/fashion, our love of reading/writing, being a teacher and wishing for great YA books, hoping to land a job that we LOVE, etc. But I got to thinking about my childhood and the nights when we would all pile onto Lisa's bed and our dad would tell us the story of Teddy and his dog Moonglow. Teddy built a spaceship in his garage and he and Moonglow would travel to outerspace and partake in different adventures. Every story was different and we loved all of them. So maybe the seed was planted on those nights. Maybe because of our dad's stories, we were destined to write a book of our own. So, here we are dreaming big thanks to Teddy and Moonglow and our dad who thought them up.

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