Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not off to a good start...

It's sort of like the perfect storm of crappy mornings today.
  1. I was up at 6:30 am after a really creepy dream.
  2. Then just as I fell back asleep at 6:45ish, I hear "Mommy, mommy, I'm HUNGRY!" Yes, that's right my kids literally wake up begging for food.
  3. When I had the audacity to give my 17-month old daughter cheerios directly on the tray of her highchair, she threw a fit, ripped off her bib and threw everything on the floor. Apparently she prefers things in bowls now. Probably to make it more efficient when she wants to throw things on the floor. In a bowl she only has one thing to throw.
  4. Once Jack caught Mia throwing her food on the floor he decided to make it a party and dump his entire bowl of cereal with milk on my freshly cleaned floor. Fabulous.
  5. And finally, the icing on the cake is that our inbox is still EMPTY. It has been empty for days. No requests. No rejections. Nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, I actually sent myself an e-mail just to see if it was working and that came through just fine. Yes, I've sunk to a whole new low of sending myself e-mail. This is truly a sad state of affairs.
  6. Ooh, and this just in while I was busy posting about my crappy morning. I just got an e-mail from work that we're not having a holiday party this year, instead they're doing some type of "fraternity rush" at some dude's house where everyone is supposed to bring a job candidate and we'll all meet later to discuss who gets an offer. I sort of feel like writing back a one word response: "Seriously?" This has the potential to turn out like a particularly hilarious episode of The Office, only excruciatingly awkward.

Is it too early to start drinking at 9:15 am? I mean really with the time change it's actually 10:15, right? RIGHT?


Lisa and Laura said...

Lisa--I need a job. Can you bring me?

Lisa and Laura said...

you're hilarious. only if you're an actuary. sounds like a raging party, right?

Lisa and Laura said...

P.S. It's super pathetic that we comment on our own blog. We are officially the biggest losers ever. Congratulations.

casiecook said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for you guys, so I had to post a comment. Just're entertaining as hell. I'm considering quitting my job so I'll gladly attend your holiday party. Open bar?

Lisa and Laura said...

Casie - It's at some dude's house, so I'm sure there will be some soft drinks available...maybe even CAFFEINATED soft drinks. You know how those actuaries love to let loose!