Friday, November 7, 2008

30 Rock ROCKS

Ok, you need to know that I'm taking my own life into my hands by even typing this, but I'm here to inform you that Oprah was not the best thing about tonight's episode of 30 Rock.

Now, we all know that Oprah has probably assigned Gayle the regrettable task of monitoring all quasi-negative comments posted about her on-line and arranging for said commenters to be immediately executed via sniper fire. Regardless, this needs to be said. Oprah was fabulous (please don't shoot me! please, I love you and I always love your favorite things!), but the three best moments of tonight's show don't include her.

So, since I'm sure you're all sitting on the edge of your seat, the top three 30 Rock moments of the night are as follows:

3. When Kenneth the Page is looking at the autograph of the faux tether-ball silver medalist and says, "'Believe in the stars,' it's like that doesn't even mean anything anymore."...wait for it...wait for it...ha! I always end up laughing at lines like this 30 seconds too late, but they totally kill me.

2. Liz Lemon decked out in her Princess Leia outfit for jury duty, "I don't think it's fair for me to be on a jury because I can read thoughts." This is right up there with her time spent in bird museums when she studied abroad. Seriously, who thinks of this stuff? They totally deserve an Emmy...oh right, they already got an Emmy. Well, whatever. The show is hilarious.

1. The funniest quote of the night has to go to Kenneth the Page, "I don't believe in hypothetical situations they're like lying to your brain." He goes on to try to convince the lucky folks he's taking on a tour to kill him in an elevator and eventually ends up stealing cable. Good times.

Bottom line: if you're not already watching this show, you really need to start.

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