Friday, November 21, 2008


LOVE: The song in that Miss Dior commercial. Have you guys heard it? It's in French and the adorable 60's looking model floats away with balloons. It seriously makes me want to move to Paris and wear pearls and perfect little day dresses with tiny nipped in waists and a-line skirts for the rest of my life.
HATE: All the new Target commercials. I miss all the trippy ones with the fun music.

LOVE: Danielle on Stylista. Can't imagine how hard it would be to pursue a career in fashion when you're not a size 2. Clearly, she was chosen to fit a certain stereotype on the show, and yet did an admirable job. She should have won.
HATE: Every other single contestant on Stylista. They are heinous, vile, people, and honestly I enjoy seeing them fail. And note to producers, could it be more obvious that you're keeping the girl lovingly referred to as "Boobs" around for the sole value of her unintentional comedy.

LOVE: The actuaries I work with. Apparently that little e-mail regarding doing an actuary "rush" was a joke. Who knew actuaries were so funny?
HATE: The powers that be at my company who laid-off over 180 people right before the holidays. This happens every year and the timing is heinous.

LOVE: Form rejections that are somehow written in such a way that they actually sound encouraging. I've been analyzing this work of art all afternoon and it's officially the perfect form rejection. I've tentatively decided that signing off with a "warmly" at the end that seals the deal.
HATE: Personalized rejections that are inadvertently so completely discouraging that I would have preferred a one-liner - "no."

LOVE: The previews for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. Faking cancer! Girl fights! Bad wigs! I. AM. SO. IN.
HATE: The final episode of the show. So anti-climatic. I was hoping for some more drama. Blah.

LOVE: That Toby is back on the Office! And getting busted for possession of a Caprese Salad. Love.
HATE: That Holly is gone for good...I miss the whole thing about her thinking Kevin was "special." That was one of my favorite running jokes because he didn't really have to act any differently. Hilarious.

LOVE: Katherine Heigle's hair. I covet that hair. The perfect shiny curls. Ab fab.
HATE: Denny's ghost. Has Grey's officially jumped the shark?

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