Saturday, November 8, 2008

My so-called hair

A pic for my loyal blog readers. It's even more red in person. Shocking.

I look like Claire Danes circa My So-Called Life. Teenage angst is so last season, especially when you're 30.


casiecook said...

It will definitely fade. When I got my hair colored back to it's "natural color" last year it was JET BLACK. After driving home in shock and washing it with the cheapest shampoo I could find three times when I got home, I finally broke down and cried like a loser. After two weeks, it was MUCH better. Can you take a pic further away...I can't get the full picture with the close-up.

Samantha said...

I made the mistake of letting a hairdresser (who was probably blind) talk me into red hair once, although it actually looked purple.

When I got out of the car, my husband yelled, "Here comes Bozo."

Um yeah...the comments got worse from there.

But yours looks good. Really. It'll tone down if it's too bright.

(I have a blonde's blondish, or bronde, I will stay)

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