Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Monday Musings...

I didn't have time for my random thoughts post last night, so had to push off until today. I'm sort of happy because now I get to use alliteration in my title, and I adore alliteration. Ok, I just re-read that last sentence and realized that I'm the biggest dork ever, and for the record, I'm totally ok with that. Onward.

  • Justin Timberlake has better legs than me...ouch. Did you see him in that Beyonce skit on SNL? Pretty funny.
  • I'm officially sick of seeing Denny show up as a ghost on Grey's Anatomy. I love Denny, but enough already, he's dead.
  • I have no motivation to do anything today, which is really, really bad because I have lots of work to do.
  • I watched the interview with the Obamas last night and I had a goofy smile on my face the whole time. They just represent such hope and they're so relatable. I especially love hearing stories about how they operate as parents. I am so excited for him to officially take office and can't wait to see all of the positive change that he brings to our country, because we really need it.
  • Jack woke up this morning and ran into my room screaming "Mommy, it's winter time! It's winter time!" We got our first snow last night and he was so excited. Tough not to be in a good mood with a wake-up like that.
  • The decline of our economy is so depressing and every day that I read another article in the paper about how we're in the midst of an Economic Armageddon I can't help but wonder if the media is doing more harm than good with all of their economic coverage. The reality is that in order for the economy to turn around people need to spend more, but when we're constantly faced stories about the end of capitalism as we know it shoved down our throats, no one wants to spend a dime. My family is a great example, at this point Ken and I are both gainfully employed (thank God), but even though our income levels haven't changed, lately I've stopped spending the way I normally do, and I imagine other people are doing the same. Not good. One of my hopes for Obama taking office is that he'll increase consumer confidence and things will finally start to turn around. Wow, deep thoughts for a Monday, huh?

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