Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Chucking Thanksgiving...

I am not happy. For some reason my TiVo'd Gossip Girl had some horrible echo thing going on. Did this happen to anyone else? I'm so annoyed.

Anyways, it was sort of like watching a show where everyone had a really thick cockney accent, meaning, I only understood about 35% of the words, which was no problem for following the plot (duh, not like this is a Charlie Kaufmann movie or something) but was v. tricky for my weekly Chuck Bass quote. Anyways, after wearing out my instant replay button, I got one, but I'm sure I missed some far better quotes.

And without further ado...when Serena asked Chuck to keep her party girl past a secret, he responded,

"You have my word, whatever that's worth."

And I love a man of his word...especially if it's not worth much.
P.S. Hope Little J. is planning on eating lots of pie and playing a few rounds of some wholesome family Charades at her Turkey Day this year. Admitedly, I couldn't understand 99% of what she was saying throughout the episode, but I can attest to the fact that she's starting to look like a very hungry underage hooker.

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lisa and laura said...

Not sure if you caught this as a result of the DVR malfunction, but I found it quite fitting how Splinter was picking up some cheese for Serena's Thanksgiving feast. I'm onto you Alloy Entertainment.

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