Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Hotmail...

Lisa took the liberty of creating a joint email account for us to use while querying. When I heard it was Hotmail, I was a little disappointed. I apologize to those of you who use and enjoy Hotmail, but I think it sucks for a few different reasons.

1. We weren't issued the standard, they must have run out, so we got stuck with It doesn't even look like an email address.

2. You can't open up two messages at the same time. Every time you make a move to leave a message, you risk sending it or having it erased.

3. If we had opened up a Gmail account or Yahoo Mail account, we could have used IMs, which would have saved me the $250 I paid to Verizon for going over on my minutes this month. There is no excuse for this--Lisa has Verizon, but calls me on her house phone. I'm an idiot.

4. Lately, when clicking refresh, instead of refreshing the email account, this scary message comes up regarding "Harmful and malicious software." It says I have to download "Antivirus 2009," which has the same icon as Microsoft Windows. I think Hotmail is sick of being refreshed and is fighting back with a virus.

5. Our inbox is often empty, which I guess isn't really Hotmail's fault, but it annoys me nonetheless.

But there's no turning back. We're in too deep. Hotmail it is.

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lisa and laura said...

Whatever. I love the live account. Yahoo and Gmail confuse me. Hotmail is oldschool and technically unsavvy, just the way I like my e-mail. And the $250 phone bill is SO not my fault. I mean, if we didn't go over in August when we talked for a full 48 hours over the course of the month there is no way we would have gone over in October. I blame John.

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