Monday, January 12, 2009

Pop quiz - don't worry it's multiple choice...

So let's just say an agent had your full manuscript. Hypothetically speaking, of course. Said agent sent an e-mail saying the manuscript would be read ASAP on Friday. Did the agent:

A. Read the manuscript over the weekend, hate it, and decide to send a rejection via snail mail which will most likely find it's way to your mailbox by Wednesday and crush your dreams of working with said agent.

B. Read the manuscript over the weekend, hate it and hasn't had time to send the rejection e-mail yet.

C. Spend the weekend at the spa instead of reading your manuscript.

D. Love the manuscript, but wants to get some second opinions before going any further.

E. Like the manuscript, but can't decide if he/she should take a gamble on two completely unknown authors in a down economy and is waiting for a sign from God.

Let's just say that if the answer is E. we're in big trouble. Something tells me my catty post about the Golden Globes didn't win me any points with the big guy upstairs. Well, hypothetically speaking that is...


Kristen, spinning said...

Let's just say that if the answer is "E" I think it's going to go the right way. Write way, haha. It's going to be just fine.

Tara said...

They are going to LOVE the manuscript but had a very busy weekend and haven't had time to read it yet. They will read it today/tomorrow and contact you on Friday!

Now get back to working Part Two of Gmail!

lisa and laura said...

Thanks guys. I just keep wondering what part they're at or if they've already rejected us and we just don't know it.

It's great that we still have a lot of interest in the North Shore, but after 3 months of querying that book, I just want it to be over so we can focus on Gmail. Obviously, I'd prefer that it be over AND we get an agent, but if the book isn't good enough to get us an agent I want to just know that and move on, you know?

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