Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday randomness

I'm exhausted and my brain is mush, so just a few random thoughts for you today...

  • What did Hilary Swank do to the writers of the Office?
  • Am I the only person in America not watching American Idol? I hate that show.
  • If anyone was wondering, based on our rather limited experience, apparently ASAP in agent-ese means not likely to hear back anytime soon. Just an FYI.
  • A few betas have read the first act of Gmail and have given us tons of great feedback. V. exciting.
  • Editing is hard. Way harder than writing.
  • I've slowly been identifying Cleveland moms who watch Gossip Girl and don't scrapbook, and I'm proud to say that this has proved to be a surprisingly good screening process for potential friends.
  • My girl crush on Michelle Obama is in full swing. I can't stop thinking of the white dress she wore to all of the inauguration parties. Perfection.
  • The more I write, the less I like my job. This is not a good trend.

Well, that's all she wrote for me tonight. My eyes are already burning from sleep deprivation, so I think I might actually make it in bed before 1 AM - unless Laura sends me a new draft of Gmail...Hey, I've got priorities, ok? I'll sleep when we hit the bestseller list.


Kristen, spinning said...

1. I have not yet watched the Office. I hope that it is not ruined.

2. American Idol is awful. I concur.

3. Your book rules. I think you already know that, so you can rest in sublime knowingness that good things are going to happen.

4. Editng sucks. I like to drink before I edit.

5. I should rephrase that to read "I like to drink before I edit my own work" in case potential clients find me here.

6. Yeah, I quit my job.

7. What about non-scrapbooking card carrying feminists who drop eff-bombs all the time, have dance parties with people under the age of 5, and just lovelovelove shopping?

lisa and laura said...

Re. #7 - There's a house for sale across the street from me. I propose you buy it and move in ASAP so we can start drinking wine during nap time, do our best not to swear in front of our kids and convince each other to buy clothes that we can't afford.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Laura alllll i can say is have faith EVERYTHING happends for a reason...your book will get published when the time is right!!
Love You Girls

Jill Wheeler said...

Loooove Gossip Girl. Hate scrapbooking.

I try not to read your GG posts, though, because I'm a season behind.

lisa and laura said...

Thanks Melissa!

And Jill, another kindred spirit! I try to be sort of general in my GG posts, so as not to spoil it for anyone, but definitely best not to read them until you're all caught up. I mean, what if I accidentally divulged the color of Chuck's tie, that could seriously ruin an entire episode!

Samantha said...

I'm surprised you haven't blogged about Nip/Tuck!

American Idol makes my ears bleed. Paula Abdul is insane.

A glass of red wine + editing/writing = a good time

I HATE SHOPPING. I get what I want/need and then I go running for the hills. Seriously.

Lisa said...

Sam - I'm shocked that you're a non-shopper! And of course I've watched Nip/Tuck. I sort of gave up on it after that crazy agent lady stabbed Sean....It takes a lot for me to give up on a show, but crazy ladies that kill people with Build a Bear machines is where I draw the line...

Samantha said...

My husband is shocked too. I'm serious. My mom has to drag me tot he stores, bribing me. My sister, on the other hand, loves shopping.

And yes, that stuffed animal scene was a little over the top, totally disturbing...

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