Monday, October 13, 2008

Damn you Christopher Columbus!

So last Friday was the best day ever, I think we ended up with something like 6 requests by the time the day was over, and now today NOTHING. Our inbox has literally been empty all day. Just around 5 o'clock it dawned on me that Christopher Columbus could be blamed for this issue. I officially hate him. He didn't even land on U.S. soil dammit. Stupid holiday.

Anyways, my only hope is that instead of celebrating Columbus Day by watching a Project Runway Marathon like the rest of us, that agents are instead spending their day off reading our riveting manuscript. So, I'm just assuming that tomorrow morning our phone will be ringing off the hook with offers of representation.

Do you hear me Christopher Columbus? You have a chance to redeem yourself here. Make it happen.

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casiecook said...

I was also upset with Christopher yesterday for the "selective" holiday. Either the whole damn country has a holiday or we don't. Don't make SOME of us get up at 5 in the morning while we watch others sleep soundly. I thought holidays were one of the many, many benefits to being a teacher! WTF!

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