Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing like a little Bass to cheer a girl up...

Well, it's no secret that things have been a little bit stressful lately with the agent hunt. Basically, we're on the edge of our seats waiting to hear back from agents. Today I had an unfortunate incident where someone called my cell phone from New York. I of course assumed it was an agent, cue the weak knees and the part where I ignore my screaming children and answer the phone. Turns out to be a guy I work with looking for help on a sales guide, p.s. he was a little put off by the screaming kids. Ever the consummate professional...ouch.

Anyways, my point is that a girl can use a little Chuck Bass in her life. He's better than ice cream. If you don't believe me please review this little excerpt from Monday's Gossip Girl:

Chuck: I'm evaluating colleges based on secret societies. Yale has the creme de la creme with the Skull and Bones. My goal is to get inside their inner sanctum.

Nate: How are you planning to do that?

Chuck: By showing up.

Seriously. Awesome.

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