Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your weekly dose of Bass...

It's that time of the week again dear readers. You know I always save Tuesday nights for catching up on Gossip Girl and as usual our upper East Side Lothario does not disappoint.

This week I couldn't choose just one quote. I love both of these because I fully plan on using them in day-to-day conversation as soon as humanly possible.

When Blair asks Chuck his opinion on her perfume, he takes a sensual whiff and declares,

"Smells a little like desperation."

And then when the king of frown lines, Dan Humphrey, is trying to get Chuck's attention he replies,

"I heard you, I was just choosing to ignore you."

Thank you Chuck Bass.

You rock fitted purple sweaters and black velvet pants like nobody's business. Seriously, I think my mom might have worn something similar one Christmas in the mid-90's. Wouldn't it be awesome if they had one of those US Weekly who wore it better polls and it was Chuck Bass versus my mom. My new mission in life is to make this happen.

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