Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Best Ideas to Date...

In 6th grade, all the kids in Team A participated in the Invention Convention. Kids invented all sorts of things. John actually invented fertilizer ice cubes. He froze fertilizer in ice cube trays so you could just drop a cube into a plant and it could be both watered and fertilized at the same time. Not bad. My BFF Emily invented something having to do with a baby and a highchair--not sure about that one. I came up with the Hat Phone—catchy name. It consisted of nailing (my dad was responsible for this) an old cordless phone to a batting helmet I pilfered from my dad’s softball bag—he coached Stacey’s softball team. It was the first hands-free phone—a primitive Bluetooth. Okay, a very primitive Bluetooth. Needless to say, I was shocked I didn’t win.

In journalism class my junior year of high school, we had to invent a product and create a commercial for it, which our teacher video taped. I invented a lotion that when applied to your face, eliminated all imperfections—pimples, unwanted facial hair, you name it. Way to draw attention to all of my insecurities—go team! I hope to God that teacher destroyed the video tape. How embarrassing.

Y2K Clock—I can’t take all of the credit for this one. This was a Roecker Family idea. In 1999, we brainstormed ways to create a clock that would hit 12:00 on the New Year and self-destruct. We thought it would be hilarious. We also thought we could make a lot of money. Neither happened.

I still think this next one is a good idea. A device that you plug in while blow drying your hair that sucks up all the hairs that fall out. Go ahead, inventor, grab that one up. I would buy it.

I have some more up my sleeve (and yes, some ideas are as recent as last year). But, I have to say, Lisa’s idea for our book is definitely the best idea to date. Now we just have to find an agent who feels the same way.

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