Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Well loyal readers, I regret to inform you that our little blog will be taking a brief hiatus while Laura and I hit the strip to celebrate my 30th b-day.

Now, I know what you're all thinking..."what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," right? Sadly, I'm not sure this rule applies when you're travelling with your sister who's 4 months pregnant (Stacey, not Laura!) and your 55-year-old mom. Although, as my mom says "as long as the slots are loose..." I swear, she's like Vince Vaughan from Swingers trapped in the life of a Cleveland CPA.

Anyways, I'm a little concerned that the universe is going to implode if we're not sitting at our computers refreshing our hotmail all day long, but in reality, this little break might be good for our mental health. We'll be back with lots of embarrassing pictures and riveting updates of the status of our (empty) e-mail account on Monday.

Yeah, we're so money and we don't even know it,
Lisa and Laura


Joni said...

Ok, now I HAD to post. I am NOT 55 - I am 53 (at least until December!). Just because you're 30 - don't make me older than I am. And if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be going to Las Vegas. Let's just see who wins at the "loose" slots!

Lisa and Laura said...

HAHA--in your face birthday girl.

Lisa and Laura said...

Ha! Mission accomplished! I finally got the regulator to set up an account and post a comment! I knew that making her a few years older would do the trick.

And the woman speaks the truth. There would be no Vegas trip without her, so I suppose I'll have to keep the Swingers comments to a minimum all weekend...

casiecook said...

I miss you guys! Lunch doesn't isn't the same without new low-blows in the Roecker rivalry. I hope you're having a blast in Vegas and hitting it big at the slots!