Monday, October 6, 2008


Thanks to Sarah (1st official blog follower), instead of checking our email every five seconds, I now have access to her Facebook page via her email address and crazy password--the same password we were assigned at UD freshman year, which consists of a random string of letters. I had a lovely time browsing her friends' pages and felt tempted to send friend invitations to random people I remember from college. But Sarah specifically said that if I post on message boards or send unsolicited invitations, my privileges attached to her account would be revoked. Don't worry Sar, I am taking this seriously. But thanks for the distraction. It is much appreciated. Maybe if we ever get an agent, I will have the guts to sign up for my own account just to prove that Erma Bombeck wasn't the only published author to graduate from good ole UD.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Let me know if you find anyone I might want to “friend.” Just don't let John change my "McSame" profile photo and make me a Penn State fan.

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