Thursday, October 2, 2008

The glass is half full...

One of the most amazing things about of writing as a team (and there are many...) is that often when one person gets down, the other person can talk them out of it. Now, we've gotten a few form rejections over the past couple of days and it's brutal. We are so proud of our book, and we both know that the right agent can help us not only get it published, but also make it a success. We realize that we're new to this and that we might be a little more work than established writers, but we also have a good idea and a fresh voice.

So, instead of being sad about our form rejections I'm trying to remind myself (and Laura) that these agents just weren't right for us. But each rejection is personal and we can't help but feel a little bit shocked when people say that it's not for them because, you know, our book is PERFECT.

Back to waiting and back to hoping. This will turn out better than the SHS poetry contest...I can feel it. And hey, if nothing else, at least our book doesn't rhyme.

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casiecook said...

Don't get down my friends. Just remember..."Good things come to those who wait," and "Patience is a virtue." I know you want to tell me to take cheesy lines and shove them, but they really are true and have gotten me through some tough times! It's coming, you just have to wait for it. If it came already, it would be too easy and you wouldn't appreciate it as much as you're going to when it does...and it will!

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