Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Not sure how much I'd have to pay John to wear this yellow get-up/gold medallion. But since Lydia is going to be a Tootsie Roll, I guess the below picture would be more accurate.

Both are kind of a bad idea.

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casiecook said...

Please post pics of the Tootsie Roll and blue monster (and whatever Mia decided to be...I'm guessing some sort of princess). All I have is a crazy dog who is frantically trying to bat the halo off of her head while scooting across the floor in hopes to remove the angel wings right now. I know she's praying at this moment that I have a child soon so I stop dressing her up and trying to treat her like a human (she also has a red hooded sweatshirt that she secretly loves). Don't worry about the green-eyed monster Lisa...I think all woman have it in them.

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