Friday, April 17, 2009

Debate team anyone?

I'm a total blog whore and read and follow approximately a billion blogs on a daily basis. I've always been a nosy person and I love how blogs give you a little peek into someone else's life. Fascinating.

Anyways, just wanted to bring your attention to a couple of interesting debates that have been brewing on the interwebs over the past couple of days:

  • I love the BookEnds Blog and have been following it since Laura and I started writing together. Jessica Faust, the agent who writes the blog, is extremely patient, answering loads of questions from aspiring writers and is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the publishing industry. Yesterday a rather snarky reader sent an e-mail, "Every day I read posts by people who ask questions that no real writer, by which I mean a skilled and talented master of the craft (or even master in the making), has any business asking." Umm...seriously? So apparently skilled and talented masters of the craft are born knowing how to write? I was so annoyed. Anyways, there's a very interesting debate in the comment section. Enjoy!

  • The next debate is courtesy of one of our fabulous critique group member's Sara. She has a guest blog up at Alice's CWIM Blog about Twilight and its glorification of abusive relationships. It's a perspective I hadn't thought of while reading the books, and it's making for a great discussion. Sara, I recommend locking all the doors tonight lest you wake up with some rabid Edward fan decked out in their Team Edward tee watching YOU sleep. And if you see anything strange and sparkly while you're enjoying the Ohio sun today, RUN!

Have a great weekend everyone! Laura and I are in the home stretch for our first round of edits, and hoping to take another couple passes next week and then send it off to Major Agent. After that happens, I'm going to sleep. Maybe for 5 days straight.


Grey Street Girl said...

Twilight? Abusive relationship? Yeah, I guess I can see that. But, I still love the books. :)

Thanks for the fun links!

Happy editing!

sraasch said...

Haha, Sam warned me to lock my doors too. Do you gals know something I don't? *darts eyes around suspiciously*

And I really think hardcore Edward fans would have a bone to pick with Stephen King for his dissing of SM long before they'd take up anything with me ;) Or so I hope. If I hear anything has happened to King, then I'll worry.

ElanaJ said...

As always, you ladies make me smile. If you're blog whores, then so am I. And d*mn proud of it. ;)

Kimberly Derting said...

Congrats on winding up the edits,'s hard to do with so many shiny blog distractions, isn't it???

Little Ms J said...

Thanks for packaging up some educational blogs for me there, LiLa. I have ADD or OCD or something that causes me to get distracted easily, so I L-O-V-E it when people encapsulate their favorites and share!

Good luck on the edits!

The word verification is nippal.


slhastings said...

Ahhh! I'm so glad your edits are going well. One more week? Party time.

As for Sara's post, things were and are getting very interesting.

OOOH. My word verification is unamshly. I'll read this as unashamably.

james oh said...

There is lots to learn from you as how to read and follow billion blogs on a daily basis. Please pass me your recipe.

I do love a nosy person, which I don't agree with your definition, like you, and rather to group these people as lively people. Apologize if anything I said is rude to you.

I do love to read someone blog because it give me a little peek into someone life. That's the way to learn and sharpen each other. that is the true intention the blogger is looking for.

Right now, you can see so much I have learning from you.

Thank for bringing to our kind attention to the interesting debates and I will take a look later on.

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